Tied to You

By Raspberry

When a famous actor on an ego trip meets an adventurous traveler who couldn’t care less about him or his big TV show, the two can’t wait to go their separate ways. Too bad life keeps throwing them together.

Genre: Travel, Romance, Comedy

Episode One
Colin Thomson is the lead actor of a successful British teen show. When he gets a little too much bad publicity for the show, he’s forced to take a trip away from the limelight.

Episode Two
Colin already knew this trip was a bad idea, but things are going even worse than he’d imagined. Specifically the company he’s being forced to keep. Specifically fellow traveler Amy Kang.

Episode Three
It would be great if Amy’s problems stopped at meeting an (apparently famous) actor, but she’s come to this island with her own baggage to unpack, and she doesn’t have time for spoiled celebrities.

Episode Four
It’s Colin’s first day on the job, but Amy is this close to making it his last day on Earth. How could someone be so bad at everything?

Episode Five
Colin’s not interested in Amy. He’s just interested in why Amy’s not interested in him, which is totally different.

Episode Six
Colin gets an update on the life he’s missing outside the island. Still, there are some “beautiful attractions” in Kera that make his stay less unpleasant.

Episode Seven
Colin might actually be a decent human being underneath all that ego, and Amy’s not sure what to do with that information.