Stream of Consciousness

By Pineapple

Stream of Consciousness is an ongoing collection of short fiction stories, ranging from sci-fi and fantasy to horror. The collection started in a group chat between friends with strange prompts being given and grew into a passion project with inspiration drawn from tv show The Twilight Zone.

Genres included: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, horror-comedy, supernatural, crime, thriller, coming of age, literary fiction

Episode One: Alpaca
A work-from-home artist gets a commission for a colorful logo that is more than it seems to be.
Genre: Sci-fi, horror

Episode Two: The Scooter Collector
In the year 3043, a man who collects antiques from the past is asked anonymously to find and procure a specific model and take it to the park. It’s almost everything he’s ever wanted.
Genre: Sci-fi

Episode Three: The Cost of Living
A man is haunted by a near death experience he had in his youth.
Genre: Supernatural, Horror-comedy

Episode Four: Charlie Shrubbery pt. 1 (Picnic special)
A child’s game becomes a horrific realization when it involves fighting, family, and murder.
Genre: Coming of Age, Crime, Horror

Episode Five: Robert the Doll
A man meets the famous Robert the Doll and they switch bodies. He must figure out how to get his body back or lose everything.
Genre: Horror, Supernatural

Episode Six: The Raisin House
 A woman returns to her ancestral home after years of being away.
Genre: Horror

Episode Seven: Doofus
His name was Doofus, and I thought we were friends.
Genre: Horror-comedy, Sci-fi, Supernatural

Episode Eight: Charlie Shrubbery pt. 2
After the night of the attempted coup of The Family, Charlie becomes initiated as his father’s right hand. The voices tell him he could do better.
Genre: Crime

Episode Nine: The Roommate
Sam thought living in a haunted house would be fun. He was wrong.
Genre: Horror-comedy, Supernatural

Episode Ten: Green Lorraine pt. 1 – The Bog Witch
This is the legend of The Bog Witch and The Monster
Genre: Monster story, Fantasy, Supernatural

Episode Eleven: Green Lorraine pt. 2 – The Young Witch
It had been years since anybody set foot in The Monster’s territory.
Genre: Monster story, Coming of age, Fantasy, Supernatural

Episode Twelve: The Vet
An appointment to get cat food at the veterinarian’s office becomes a nightmare as a young girl begins to realize the implications of the vet’s stare.
Genre: Noir, Thriller, Suspense

Episode Thirteen: Sleep Onsets to White
I have a recurring dream. It starts like normal. But he always asks, “where’s your box?” like I’m supposed to know what that means.
Genre: Literary fiction, horror

Episode Fourteen: Terry Justice-Legal Beagle (Picnic Special)
Mr. Terry Justice is the head of the legal department of the underworld. When he gets called in to look at a special case, he sees something he’s never seen before in his time.
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy