How Journeys End

By: Pineapple

The war between the Nastur Kingdom and the Gladiolus Kingdom is finally over, but as Princess Siana Daucus learns, there’s a lot more after the final battle. Like trying to get her new knight to fall in love with her and uncovering the conspiracies embroiled in her kingdom and its rebels.

Genre: Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

Chapter One: Venus Flytrap
Summary: The war between the Gladiolus Kingdom and the Nastur Kingdom has been won, thanks to a soldier nicknamed Venus Flytrap. It’s time to celebrate and, for Princess Siana, learn more about the interesting woman in front of her.

Chapter Two: Rebels
Summary: Princess Siana is trying to help her kingdom when she is kidnapped by the rebel forces in her Kingdom! What do they have in store for her?

Chapter Three: Rescue
Summary: The soldiers rush into the cave to find and save Princess Siana.

Chapter Four: Attacked
Summary: Finally on their way back to the castle, Princess Siana and the others run into trouble.

Chapter Five: Maladaptive
Summary: Siana finally returns home, where everything is normal. Where she is in control. Like the past week hasn’t even happened.

Chapter Six: Court Life
Summary: Camellia has become the personal guard for the princess royal Siana Daucus after her safe return to the castle. Court life is… strange, to say the least.

Chapter Seven: The Royal Magician
Summary: The royal magician of the Nastur Kingdom returns, but what she brings isn’t happy news.

Chapter Eight: Lord Denia Pine of Drangea
Summary: A new ally appears, allowing Camellia to see Siana, Princess Royal, in her true element.

Chapter Nine: The Letter
Summary: Viola returns to the castle with new information of the rebel insurrection in Nastur and Gladiolus and who’s involved.

Chapter Ten: General Narsi Quill
Summary: The king’s trusted general, Narsi Quill, decides the best course of action to handle the letter addressed to Camellia’s old general.

Chapter Eleven: Traitor
Summary: General Narsi leads the investigation into General Helianthus’ unit with Viola, Lady Via, and Camellia.

Chapter Twelve: General Helianthus
Summary: General Helianthus and how he ended up here

Chapter Thirteen: Homecoming
Summary: The soldiers return home. Camellia is relieved, but others are restless.

Chapter Fourteen: Intel
Summary: Pleasure is short lived for Camellia and Princess Siana. It takes only a week before news of the rebels becomes the priority.

Chapter Fifteen: The Rally
Summary: The troop heads to the rally. When the leader comes to speak, Camellia recognizes him.

Chapter Sixteen: Recovery
Summary: Camellia has survived the worst of her injuries, and now she has the long road of recovery ahead of her. Luckily, she isn’t alone.

Chapter Seventeen: Weapons
Summary: Camellia returns to duty and Chrysan comes to her with new information about their mutual friend.