The Halloween Bash

By: Raspberry

Ash is excited to be in charge of this year’s Halloween Bash. 1. It’s great for her transcript. 2. Usually the junior who runs a successful Halloween Bash is guaranteed student council presidency senior year.  Unfortunately for her, the “Night of Horror” is leading up to its name. She has to deal with a backstabbing frenemy, the new girl who gets under her skin, and the fact that she’s about to decorate a scary bash… when she’s terrified of scary movies. What could go wrong?

Genre: YA, Romance, LGBTQ+

Episode One

Ash wants nothing more than to be put in charge of this year’s Halloween Bash, and get all the prestige that comes with it. The only problem: she knows nothing about horror. Unless you count the new girl who seems to send shivers up her spine..

Episode Two
Ash and Bec are forced to spend more time together, and Ash learns that Bec might not be her greatest enemy… but actually the greatest asset in planning The Bash and getting the upper hand on the committee.

Episode Three

Ash finds herself spending more time with Bec as they prepare for the Halloween Bash… and it’s not at all what she expected.

Episode Four

The day before the Bash brings drama and betrayal. Luckily, Ash has a knight in shining armor riding to her rescue..

Episode Five

The source of Ash’s nerves is probably the upcoming Bash. And not at all the butterflies in her stomach that go wild when Bec is around. Probably.

Episode Six

The Bash starts off great. Before really living up to its name of a night of horror..

Episode Seven

Episode Eight

Ash sets out to make things right between her and Bec