Tied To You

Content warnings for Tied To You by Raspberry

Please note that most of the items listed appear in moderation and do not represent the work as a whole. If you have any comments, questions, or the need for additional content warnings, please contact us!

Episode One
Food, (mention of) dieting, (mention of) alcohol, (mention of) drinking, (mention of) sexual content, (mention of) infidelity, sexism, (mention of) serious injury, (mention of) hospitalization

Episode Two
(Mention of) food, sexism, (mention of) serious injury, (mention of) hospitalization

Episode Three
Anxiety, (mention of) alcohol, food, (mention of) disordered eating, (mention of) sexism, (mention of) stalking, (mention of) serious injury

Episode Four
Ableist language, anxiety, food, (mention of) vomit, weapon (knife)

Episode Five
Anxiety, classism

Episode Six
Food, (mention of) pills, swearing

Episode Seven
Ableist language, anxiety, alcohol, drinking, (mention of) pills, (mention of) absent parent, (mention of) death of a parent, (mention of) animal bones, (implied) violence

Episode Eight
Anxiety, (mention of) alcohol and DUI, (mention of ) death, (mention of) a corpse, (implied) emotional abuse

Episode Nine
Anxiety, food, pills, (mention of) swearing

Episode Ten
Ableist language, absent parent, alcohol, drinking, (mention of) death, food, (mention of) poisoning

Episode Eleven
Ableist language, alcohol, food, stalking

Episode Twelve
Ableist language, food, (mention of) drowning, doxxing, stalking, (mention of) poverty, racism

Episode Thirteen
Ableist language, emotional abuse, doxxing, food, (mention of) drowning, swearing

Episode Fourteen
(Mention of) emotional abuse, (mention of) child neglect, bullying, doxxing, (mention of) drowning, food, stalking, swearing

Episode Fifteen
Absent parent, death of a parent, anxiety, anxiety attack, food, (mention of) ableism, swearing

Episode Sixteen
Anxiety, (mention of) verbal abuse, (mention of) doxxing, (mention of) stalking