Tea Parties

Content warnings for the Tea Party discussion collection

All Tea Parties begin with a brief introduction discussing food and eating. Aside from this, many do not contain additional content warnings and are marked with an “N/A.” The warnings listed do not generally represent the discussion as a whole. If you have any questions, comments, or feel the need for additional content warnings, please contact us!

One: Q&A 1 Writing Inspiration

Two: Q&A 2 Self-Care
Mention of the following: prescription drug use, food, mental health, depression, and anxiety

Three: Q&A 3 Planning and NaNoWriMo
Mention of anxiety

Four: Q&A 4 Inspiring Reads

Five: Q&A 5 Creative Workspaces
Mention of COVID-19

Six: Q&A 6 Genres and Tropes
Mention of misogyny

Seven: Q&A 7 Writing Schedules and Organization
Ableist language

Eight: Q&A 8 Fall Favorites and Traditions
Mention of the following: food, COVID-19

Nine: Q&A 9 Research

Ten: Q&A 10 Each Others’ Writing
Mention of food, drinking, blood, and death. Implied gaslighting.

Eleven: Q&A 11 Winter Favorites and Traditions
Mention of food, COVID-19, dangerous weather, and death as a trope in fiction.

Twelve: Q&A 12 Year in Review
Mention of COVID-19

Thirteen: Q&A 13 Romance

Fourteen: Challenge 1 Writing Prompt
Amnesia, memory loss, supernatural content

Fifteen: Q&A 14 Dialogue

Sixteen: Q&A 15 Favorite Beverages

Seventeen: Q&A 16 Loving Day
Food, mention of racism

Eighteen: Cat and the Cryptid Summer Wrap-up Party

Nineteen: Tied to You Wrap-up Party
Mention of swearing, mention of anxiety, mention of death

Twenty: Q&A 17 Pet Reveal
Mention of food

Twenty-One: Challenge 2 Mood Board
(Mentioned) crime, (Mentioned) death, drink, fire, food, weapons (knives, swords, guns)

Twenty-Two: Q&A 18 How the JAAM Fam Met
Food, violence

Twenty-Three: Q&A 19 Our 2022 Reading Goals and Favorites

Twenty-Four: Q&A 20 Year in Review

Twenty-Five: Q&A 21 Comedy
Mention of war and weapons

Twenty-Six: The Halloween Bash Wrap-up Party
Mention of blood, mention of weapons (hatchet)

Twenty-Seven: Q&A 22 Bookish Things
Mention of food

Twenty-Eight: Q&A 23 Mothers in JAAM
Mention of the following: absent parents, adoption, dead parents