Stream of Consciousness

Content warnings for Stream of Consciousness by Pineapple

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Episode One: Alpaca
Body horror (scarification/branding), isolation

Episode Two: The Scooter Collector
Death, (mention of) divorce, (implied) suicide

Episode Three: The Cost of Living
Classism, Near-death experience, Poverty,  Swearing

Episode Four: Charlie Shrubbery pt. 1 (Picnic)
(Implied) Physical abuse, organized crime, guns, murder, violence, violence against women

Episode Five: Robert the Doll
Ableist language, forced captivity, swearing, violence

Episode Six: The Raisin House
(Implied) Oikophobia, (Implied) Panic attacks, Self-harm, (Implied) Suicide, Suicidal ideation

Episode Seven: Doofus
Ableist language, Alcohol (recreational drinking), Blood, Body horror, Gaslighting, Gore, Graphic injuries, Guns, (implied) Medical procedure, Smoking / Drugs (Recreational drug use), Swearing, Victim-blaming, Violence

Episode Eight: Charlie Shrubbery pt. 2
(Mention of) Absent parents, Alcohol, Blood, Guns, Intrusive thoughts, (mention of) isolation, Manipulation, Murder, (Mention of) Mutilation, Organized crime, Serious injury

Episode Nine: The Roommate
Ableist language, Alcohol (Recreational drinking), Declining mental health, Food, Manipulation, Misogyny, Swearing

Episode Ten: Green Lorraine pt. 1–The Bog Witch
Burning alive, Death, (mention of) Famine, Supernatural Elements, Mob Mentality, Murder, Occult Elements, Prejudice, Suffocation, Violence

Episode Eleven: Green Lorraine pt. 2–The Young Witch
Death, (mention of) Murder, Occult Elements, Supernatural Elements,  Violence

Episode Twelve: The Vet
(mentioned) Cannibalism, (mentioned) Famine, Forced imprisonment, (implied) Harm to animals, (mentioned) Human trafficking, Injection, Medication, Needles, Swearing, Violence against women

Episode Thirteen: Sleep Onsets to White
Car accident, Death / Dying, Death of a parent, Hospitals, Illness, Serious injury

Episode Fourteen: Terry Justice–Legal Beagle (Picnic)
(mentioned) Death, Supernatural