Content warnings for all the stand alone Picnics

Please note that most of the items listed appear in moderation and do not represent the work as a whole. If you have any comments, questions, or the need for additional content warnings, please contact us!

Playing Along by Raspberry
(Mention of) assault, death threats, (mention of) dieting, food, sexism, misogyny, (mention of) prison, (implied) sexual content, sexual harassment, (implied) stalking

Counterclockwise by Apple
Death threats, (mention of) guns, (mention of) childbirth, (mention of) swearing

Ways to Stay Warm When Christmas is Ruined
Ableist language, alcohol, (mention of) arson, food, death threats, isolation

Ways to Stay Calm When Thanksgiving Goes Wrong
Alcohol and drinking, food, lack of food, (mention of) death, (implied) absent parent, (mention of) serious injury, (mention of) hospital, (implied) classism, (mention of) poison

Search for Space Tree by Pineapple
Ableist language, amputation, blood, (implied) death, depression, gore, near-death injury, negative body image, (implied) panic attacks, self-harm, (mention of) suicide, war