How Journeys End

Content warnings for How Journeys End by Pineapple

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Chapter One: Venus Flytrap
Food, (mentioned) poison, (mentioned) war, weapons (swords)

Chapter Two: Rebels
(implied) Classism, (mentioned) death of a parent, (mentioned) famine, forced captivity, kidnapping, magic, (mentioned) murder, violence / threat of violence, (mentioned) war, weapons (swords)

Chapter Three: Rescue
Death, murder, violence, war, weapons (swords, bow and arrows, knives)

Chapter Four: Attacked
Classism, death, food, (mentioned) forced captivity, murder, violence, weapons (knives, swords)

Chapter Five: Maladaptive
Classism, food, (implied) PTSD, weapons (knives)

Chapter Six: Court Life
(mentioned) assault, (implied) ptsd, weapons (knives)

Chapter Seven: The Royal Magician
(mention of) death, (mention of) execution, (mention of) food, (mention of) murder, weapons (knives), xenophobia

Chapter Eight: Sir Denia Pine of Drangea
(mention of) abduction, (mention of) food

Chapter Nine: The Letter
Assault, (mention of) blood, (implied) imperialism, (mention of) murder, war, weapons (sword)

Chapter Ten: General Narsi Quill
(mentioned) death, war, xenophobia

Chapter Eleven: Traitor
Murder, violence, war, weapons (knife, sword, shield and sword, bow and arrow, halberd)

Chapter Twelve: General Helianthus
Colonialism, death, dead bodies, murder, war, weapons (bow and arrow, swords), xenophobia

Chapter Thirteen: Homecoming
Dead bodies, (mentioned) food, (implied) ptsd

Chapter Fourteen: Intel
(implied) colonialism, (implied) treason, (mentioned) famine, war, classism, xenophobia, (mentioned) murder

Chapter Fifteen: The Rally
(mentioned) animal death, magic, murder, near-death injuries, war, weapons (knives, magic, swords)

Chapter Sixteen: Recovery
classism, medicine, near-death injury, prescription medication, (implied) post-traumatic stress disorder

Chapter Seventeen: Weapons
(mention of) near-death injury, (mention of) war, weapons (knives, swords, polearms)