Gray Hearts

Content warnings for Gray Hearts by Raspberry

Please note that most of the items listed appear in moderation and do not represent the work as a whole. If you have any comments, questions, or the need for additional content warnings, please contact us!

Episode One: Crumble
(Mention of) emotional abuse, (mention of) verbal abuse, (mention of) graphic injury, (mention of) attempted murder, disowning, food, homelessness, homophobia, swearing, (mention of) weapons (sharp object)

Episode Two: Break
(Mention of) arson, (implied) child abused, (mention of) death, (implied) depression, disowning, (implied) emotional abuse, swearing

Episode Three: Shatter
Abandonment, adult language, (implied) depression, (mention of) emotional abuse, food, homophobia, (implied) suicidal thoughts