Cat and the Cryptid Summer

Content warnings for Cat and the Cryptid Summer by Raspberry

Please note that most of the items listed appear in moderation and do not represent the work as a whole. If you have any comments, questions, or the need for additional content warnings, please contact us!

Episode One: Bigfoot Crossing
Ableism, ableist language, ageism, memory loss, car accident, drugging, gaslighting, manipulation, (mention of) snakes

Episode Two: Gran is Either Bad at Hearing or Great at Ignoring
Ableism, ableist language, ageism, memory loss, body shaming, fat shaming, bullying, car accident, drugging, food, dieting, gaslighting, manipulation, hospitalization 

Episode Three: Gran Gets Weird(er)
Ableism, ableist language, ageism, drugging, memory loss, food, dieting, gaslighting, isolation, manipulation, racism, family separation, deportation 

Episode Four: Gran’s Late Night Party
Ableism, ableist language, ageism, drugging, pills, food, hallucinations, gaslighting, manipulation, poverty, racism, deportation, family separation, weapon (sword)

Episode Five: Werewolves Have Day Jobs, Too
Ableism, ableist language, ageism, memory loss, drugging, food, gaslighting, isolation, manipulation, anxiety, guilt, stalking, swearing, weapon (sword)

Episode Six: This is Insane. I want in.
Ableism, ableist language, ageism, animal violence, blood, gore, bullying, blackmail, attempted murder, death threat, near death experience, drugging, hunting, anxiety, serious injury, violence, vomit, weapon (sword)

Episode Seven: Finally someone is giving some answers
Ableism, ageism, (mention of) amnesia, (mention of) drugging, (mention of) famine, (implied) genocide, (mention of) plague, prejudice, racism

Episode Eight: Bookclub for Bloodsuckers
Ableist language, (mention of) amnesia and memory loss, (mention of) blood, (mention of) drugging, (mention of) food, racism, (mention of) trauma

Episode Nine: Banshees and Betrayal
Death, depression, (mention of) death of a parent, (mention of) murder, (mention of) death of a sibling, racial profiling, food, (mention of) ageism, ableist language, (mention of) manipulation

Episode Ten: Trial Period
(Mention of) death of an animal, animal corpses/taxidermy, (mention of) death of a parent, (mention of) attempted murder, food, (mention of) homelessness, (mention of) hunting, (mention of) manipulation, poisoning, mythical creature equivalent to racism, swearing, violence, (mention of) war, weapons

Episode Eleven: the Unexpected Guest
Ableism, Ageism, (mentioned) bullying, Drugging, (mentioned) memory loss

Episode Twelve: Midnight Picnic
Food, weapons (dagger, sword), (mention of) alcohol, (mention of) mind control, (mention of) hospital, (mention of) memory loss, (mention of) murder, (implied) violence, (implied) death threat

Episode Thirteen: Origins
Mentioned violence, mentioned death, food, poisoning

Episode Fourteen: Omens
Ageism, (mentioned) car accident, (mention of) death/threat of death, (mentioned) death of an animal, food, manipulation, (mentioned) mind control, (mentioned) poison, weapons (knife)

Episode Sixteen: Sending Signals
Weapons (knife), supernatural, death, serious injury, political upheaval / treason, forced captivity

Episode Seventeen: Queen of the Fae
Death, weapons (knife, sword), serious injury, violence

Episode Eighteen: Tea at Sundown
Manipulation, weapons (knife), supernatural

Episode Nineteen: The Rematch
Violence, weapons (knife, sword), death, supernatural

Episode Twenty: The End
Memory loss, (mention of) drugging

Rainy Day Episode 1
(Mention of) food, (mention of) death of an animal/animal corpses/taxidermy