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Content warnings for Apple Slice by Apple

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Ocean’s Favor, Part I
(Mention of) alcohol and drinking, blood, violence, (mention of) death and murder, weapons, (mention of) food

Ocean’s Favor, Part II
Animal violence, (implied) arson, (mention of) death, near death experience, guns, (mention of) poisoning, (implied) swearing, violence, weapons

Ocean’s Favor, Part III
Alcohol and drinking, (mention of) animal violence, (mention of) swearing, blood, violence, death/murder, death threats, mind control, (mention of) hallucinations, serious injury, weapons

Ocean’s Favor, Part IV
(Mention of) child abuse, (mention of) animal violence, bullying, weapons, blood, violence, death threats, (mention of) murder, (mention of) decapitation, (mention of) drowning, (mention of) mind control and hallucinations

Ocean’s Favor, Part V
(Mention of) bones and corpses, (mention of) death, (mention of) murder, (mention of) mind control, (implied) serious injury, forced captivity

Ocean’s Favor, Part VI
(Mention of) child abuse, serious injury, (mention of) forced captivity, weapons, (mention of) murder

The Gummy Bear Case Study, Part 1
(Implied) animal abuse, animal violence, body horror, bodies, corpses, bones, (implied) cyberbullying and online abuse, death, murder, attempted murder, near death experience, pills, food, (implied) forced captivity, (implied) racism, violence

The Gummy Bear Case Study, Part 2
(Mention of) animal abuse, (mention of) car accident, cyberbullying and online abuse, (mention of) death, (mention of) murder, food, (implied) forced captivity, (mention of) weapons

The Gummy Bear Case Study, Part 3
(Implied) doxxing, (impled) cyberbullying, food, (mention of) murder

The Gummy Bear Case Study, Part 4
Food, gaslighting, (implied) cyberbullying, stalking, (mention of) death, (implied) murder

The Gummy Bear Case Study, Part 5
(Mention of) food, gaslighting, stalking, kidnapping