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Cat and the Cryptid Summer

Episode One

Ableism, ableist language, ageism, memory loss, car accident, drugging, gaslighting, manipulation, (mention of) snakes

Summary: Cat gets lost on her way to visit her gran’s house. Ableist language occurs when she chastises herself. She also gets into a minor accident when she sees a dark creature on the road, but she forgets the occasion soon after arriving at her gran’s house (who she emphasizes is old) and drinks some questionable tea.

Episode Two

Ableism, ableist language, ageism, memory loss, body shaming, fat shaming, bullying, car accident, drugging, food, dieting, gaslighting, manipulation, hospitalization 

Summary: Cat spends her first day together with Gran. She has little recollection of the night before when she got into a minor car accident. At breakfast with Gran, Cat shows insecurities related to her weight that may have something to do with a friend who shames her into obsessing over diets and appearances. It is mentioned that Cat came to collect Gran after Gran was discovered wandering confused at night and was taken to the hospital. There are more hints that something is off and Gran may be gaslighting Cat into thinking everything is normal.

Episode Three

Ableism, ableist language, ageism, drugging, memory loss, food, dieting, gaslighting, isolation, manipulation, racism, family separation, deportation 

Summary: Gran and Cat go to the hair salon. Ableist language is briefly mentioned in dialogue, and ageism is mentioned when Cat considers Gran’s poor memory and mobility. Cat worries about calories when at a restaurant and vague dialogue alluding to what could be racism is present when Gran interacts with a restaurant employee.

Episode Four

Ableism, ableist language, ageism, drugging, pills, food, hallucinations, gaslighting, manipulation, poverty, racism, deportation, family separation, weapon (sword)  

Summary: Cat finds Gran walking in the forest with a sword. Gran’s conversation includes references to poverty, racism, deportation, and family separation. Cat believes herself to be imagining things, which is what Gran also tries to convince her of.

Stream of Consciousness

Episode One

Body horror (scarification/branding), isolation

Summary: A freelance artist is isolated from everybody but his computer. The strange commission from the mysterious Alpaca ultimately results in him becoming covered in a burning ink, which etches a design into his skin.

Episode Two

Death, (mention of) divorce, (implied) suicide

Summary: In the future, a man becomes obsessed with collecting scooters. Death occurs when a fellow collector dies. His wife leaves him to his obsession. After finally getting his hands on the scooter of his dreams, he starts up a hill he may never come down from. Did he purposefully go to die, or did the man in the black suit guide him to what he always wanted?

Episode Three

Classism, Near-death experience, Poverty,  Swearing

Summary: A child has a near-death experience as he’s almost run over by a car. The scooter that caused his near-death experience is a symbol of affluence for the character as a child. He is poorer than his friend, and they are conscious of the class difference between them as they get older, and his friend faces the prejudices he sees in his friend’s poorer, lower class neighborhood. They use adult language throughout the story.

Episode Four (Picnic)

(Implied) Physical abuse, organized crime, guns, murder, violence, violence against women

Summary: Charlie is the child of an organized crime family, who use guns and the threat of violence to get what they want and need. Some classmates get into a fight. One of the female teachers is implied to be abused by her significant other, and Charlie ponders what it would take to get out of a conversation with her—even if that means using her trauma against her. Minor characters are murdered for their choices, but it is not the female teacher.

Episode Five

Ableist language, forced captivity, swearing, violence

Summary: Forced captivity comes in the form of a body switch. Ableist language occurs as the main character tries to dismiss what happens. There is fighting and mentions of hurt people and other violent actions.

The Faery Bargain

Episode One

(Mention of) homelessness, (mention of) poverty, near death experience, serious injury, hospitalization, medical procedures

Summary: Ari mentions that she had to leave LA due to lack of money and briefly ponders if she should have stayed, even without a home. Her brother receives a serious head injury after his performance that results in him needing to be treated at a hospital while his family waits and worries.

Episode Two

(Mention of) amnesia, (mention of) near death experience, (mention of) medical procedure, (mention of) serious injury, hospitalization, manipulation, anxiety, guilt

Summary: When Ari worries that Jonas won’t pretend to be a prince, her backup plan is to pretend he is a prince with amnesia. Sim is still injured after last episode’s near death experience and is receiving medical attention in the hospital. Ari is anxious about his condition, and Oliver blames himself for what happened. Meanwhile, Jonas manipulates Ari into a faery bargain.

Tea Parties

Episode One


Episode Two

Mention of prescription drug use, food, mental health, depression, and anxiety