Cat and the Cryptid Summer

By Raspberry

Cat signed up for a simple errand: drive down to pick up her batty gran and take her up to stay at their house for the summer. But this simple errand gets a lot more complicated when she arrives and realizes the town is filled with monsters… and her gran is the one keeping them all in line.

Episode One: Bigfoot Crossing
Cat braces herself for what she expects to be the worst summer trip: visiting Gran in middle-of-nowhere Texas.

Episode Two: Gran is Either Bad at Hearing or Great at Ignoring
Cat starts to realize this trip might not be as fast as she hoped, but after seeing a cute stranger, she’s not completely set on going home quickly anyway.

Episode Three: Gran Gets Weird(er)

Gran seems to have two hobbies: gossiping at the hair salon and making fast food workers uncomfortable.

Episode Four: Gran’s Late Night Party

Cat finds Gran wandering in the woods late at night. And that’s not even the strange part.

Episode Five: Werewolves Have Day Jobs, Too

Cat gets a little more than she bargained for when she meets Gran’s fluffy friend.

Episode Six: This is Insane. I want in.

Cat learns a little more about Gran, and she’s not exactly scared away.