Cat and the Cryptid Summer

By Raspberry

Cat signed up for a simple errand: drive down to pick up her batty gran and take her up to stay at their house for the summer. But this simple errand gets a lot more complicated when she arrives and realizes the town is filled with monsters… and her gran is the one keeping them all in line.

Episode One: Bigfoot Crossing
Cat braces herself for what she expects to be the worst summer trip: visiting Gran in middle-of-nowhere Texas.

Episode Two: Gran is Either Bad at Hearing or Great at Ignoring
Cat starts to realize this trip might not be as fast as she hoped, but after seeing a cute stranger, she’s not completely set on going home quickly anyway.

Episode Three: Gran Gets Weird(er)

Gran seems to have two hobbies: gossiping at the hair salon and making fast food workers uncomfortable.

Episode Four: Gran’s Late Night Party

Cat finds Gran wandering in the woods late at night. And that’s not even the strange part.

Episode Five: Werewolves Have Day Jobs, Too

Cat gets a little more than she bargained for when she meets Gran’s fluffy friend.

Episode Six: This is Insane. I want in.

Cat learns a little more about Gran, and she’s not exactly scared away.

Episode Seven: Finally someone is giving some answers

Cat learns a little more about the Guardians and dimensions as she takes Gran to book club.

Episode Eight: Book Club for Bloodsuckers

Cat meets the Tennials and learns more about the mythical creatures in this world as she and Gran try to find who’s responsible for opening the Portal.

Episode Nine: Banshees and Betrayal

Cat and Gran are both having a bad day. Gran’s Banshee friend mentions a cloud of death hanging around, but, even worse, Cat still hasn’t gotten a call from her crush.

Episode Ten: Trial Period

After her upsetting betrayal, Cat decides to train with Gran. And starts to regret it a little. Someone tell Gran to calm down.

Episode Eleven: The Unexpected Guest

Cat and Gran receive a house call from a stranger, an assistant campaign manager to the Fairy/Mayoral Candidate Rosaria. Cat wonders if he’s a Mythic in disguise or just an overly-average man.

Episode Twelve: Midnight Picnic

Cat joins Gran and Ms. Peregrine for a midnight picnic near the Portal. It’d probably be romantic without Cat third-wheeling… and the fairy who shows up with some thinly-veiled threats.

Episode Thirteen: Origins

Gran finally opens up about her history with Silverfur and how she became a Guardian.

Episode Fourteen: Omens

Cat and Grans best laid plans are put on hold. The reason? Mom is here, and she’s on a cleaning spree.

Episode Fifteen: Sending Signals

Cat confronts her spellbound mother, and Gran calls a meeting with an old friend.

Episode Sixteen: Queen of the Fae

Cat and Gran meet the Queen of the Fae, and their confrontation becomes bloody.

Episode Seventeen: The Return

Cat returns home to find an unwanted surprise.

Episode Eighteen: Tea at Sundown

Gran and Silverfur come face-to-face

Episode Nineteen: The Rematch

Gran and Silverfur settle old scores (and Cat totally helps too).

Episode Twenty: The End

Cat and Gran tie up loose ends in the season finale.

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