Apple Slice

By Apple

A collection of short stories full of fairytales, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and adventure.

Ocean’s Favor, Part I
In a world where pirates roam the waves and mermaids lurk below, Gia sets off on a mission that will either bring them together or destroy their ties for good.

Ocean’s Favor, Part II
When the crew decides to leave Gia behind on the ship while they go do pirate stuff, Gia decides to show them that this was most definitely a mistake.

Ocean’s Favor, Part III
As secrets are revealed, Gia’s distrust for Captain Hailstorm runs deeper than anyone could have imagined.

Ocean’s Favor, Part IV
Gia’s not sure how long she has left with the crew of the Ruby, but she knows for certain that she’s terrible at saying goodbye.

Ocean’s Favor, Part V
Gia ventures out into the Winter Lands. With fairies around every corner and more snow than she knows what to do with, it might actually be a good thing to have Captain Hailstorm around.

Ocean’s Favor, Part VI (Finale)
As Gia’s journey comes to an end, she finds family in the person she least expected.

The Gummy Bear Case Study, Part 1
Office worker Cheery Bright gets wrapped up with defamed scientist Dr. Somber in a citywide fight against… giant gummy bears?

The Gummy Bear Case Study, Part 2
Cheery and Dr. Somber are going to need a plan if they want to expose the CMIIIA. Preferably one that doesn’t involve them speeding through a heavily guarded gate.

The Gummy Bear Case Study, Part 3
Some people are not the way they seem on TV. In this case, Cheery and the doc wouldn’t have it any other way.