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Tea Party 27: Bookish Things Q&A

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For our latest tea party, we thought we’d cozy up and chat about book reading. Grab a tea and your latest read (but please read us first!), and let’s dive in!

Do you need a particular set of circumstances to read, or can you read anywhere?


It honestly depends for me. I go through phases where I inhale books. I read before bed (or stay up late), at work, on public transit, at the dog park… but then other times I pick up a book and can’t focus on it to save my life. I guess I read best when trying to escape the every day or when I feel creatively drained.


I don’t exactly need particular circumstances, but I like to read where it’s quiet. If it’s noisy, or if somebody is talking to me (which happens more than I care to admit), I can’t really focus. I mostly read at home, in bed, because of this. There’s a lot of people in my house, so it can get noisy. Sometimes it’s difficult to get some reading in, especially since I’ve been using it as a wind-down at the end of the day before sleeping. Just a little off-screen time to get my mind slowed down a bit. It doesn’t always work and that’s a shame.

It being quiet doesn’t seem like too much to ask for, but it really ends up limiting my reading areas now that I’m typing all this out. I guess I do have a set of circumstances, ha ha.


I think my headspace is the first thing I consider before reading. If I’m excited about a book, I can definitely read the entire thing in a single sitting (or I’ll bring it with me wherever I can). If I’m not as excited, I’ll usually need a copy of the physical book, or an ebook copy, along with the audio version. (Thank goodness for the library, or that would get expensive.) I put the audiobook on double speed while I read along, so then I have to focus or I’ll miss something. That’s a little harder to do on the go, but I did my best to make it work in college.

2. Do you read multiple books at once, or just one at a time?


I usually have a few different books going at once. I download books on my Libby app for reading on the go. I like to read from a short story collection before bed so I won’t stay up too late. Then I usually keep a book at work for reading on my breaks.


When I was a kid, I read multiple books at once. These days, I generally just read one. It mostly comes down to time and space rather than focus, though. Currently, I’m reading a poetry book that I’m almost finished with and a translated novel I have open on my phone.


I usually read novels one at a time, especially since I tend to pick them up and not want to put them down. When it comes to comics, manga, and manhwa, a lot of the ones I read are ongoing, so I go back and forth between them all at once as they’re updated. I also read multiple nonfiction works at once, mostly for research and stuff like that.

3. Do you have a favorite place to read books? Least favorite?


I like reading at work since I work at a library, so it’s quiet mostly and I can have a bunch of conversations about the books with my coworkers. I also love reading in bed. The dog park is always touch and go though. Sometimes it’s nice and peaceful. Other times people keep trying to talk to me about my book instead of letting me read in peace.


My favorite place is in bed, ha ha. I can close the door and cozy up. Nice and quiet. Under the blankets. It’s great. I do like reading in the living room on the couch too, since my bedroom doesn’t get much sunlight, but then people tend to come talk to me so I can’t really zone in on the reading like I like to.

My least favorite… I don’t know if it counts: the car. I get motion sick really easily, and it just gets worse as I get older. And like I said before, I’m usually the one driving anyway, so it’s not as if I’d get a chance anyway. I get kind of nervous reading openly in public if I’m alone. I don’t want to get too involved so I can pay attention to my surroundings if it’s a place I’m unfamiliar with, so I never really do it.


I love to read at home, curled up under my blankets. I’ve gotta pick somewhere comfy because I plan on being there a while. As for my least favorite place to read, I’d have to say anywhere there are lots of people. Having people around can be a little distracting for me. Schools and libraries are exceptions, but places like the beach or a café might give me some trouble.

4. What about times? (Favorite or least favorite?)


I can focus on reading more at night or in the afternoon. Morning me can do audiobooks in the morning, but reading books before coffee is a struggleeee


I could really go for reading at any time! I usually end up reading at night, before I go to sleep, but I like reading during the day. Sometimes when I just wake up, I’ll pick up the book next to my bed or open up the tabs on my phone and start reading. I work evenings, and that’s when the fam is most active, so I don’t tend to read around that time when it’s busy. Just when it’s pretty and quiet.


It’s almost always a good time to read for me, but I do have some favorites. When it’s rainy and a little chilly outside; right after a meal, so I can keep reading without needing a break for food; when a sequel finally comes out after the last book left me on a cliffhanger; and right before bed, even though that’s dangerous because I could end up staying awake all night. My least favorite time is when I’m in the mood for a specific type of story and I can’t find one with the right vibe. I’m also not a fan of reading when it’s a time I’m likely to keep having to put the book down. Interruptions always happen at the good parts!

2 thoughts on “Tea Party 27: Bookish Things Q&A”

  1. Amazing post
    I loved reading about everyone’s reading habits and favorite places to read! Reading before bed seems to be a common theme. My question for the author is: Have you ever found a book that completely changed your reading preferences or habits, and if so, what was it?


    1. Wow! That’s such an amazing question! Here are our answers!

      Pineapple: Reading Born in the Year of the Butterfly Knife by Derrick C Brown really opened my eyes to poetry!! I definitely started looking more at poetry after reading that collection.

      Apple: I tend to avoid stories with a sad premise. I’m definitely an “and they all lived happily ever after” type of reader. I started this one comic, though, and found out via TikTok spoilers that it’s not going to have a happy ending (I won’t say which comic to avoid spoiling it). I still think I’m going to finish reading the story, though. I feel like I’m reading super outside my comfort zone, so now I’m curious to see if I’ll end up trying more sad stories after this one or if I’ll avoid them for the rest of forever. XD

      Raspberry: I’d say Heartstopper made me more open to graphic novels/stories with heavy visual elements. I wasn’t able to focus on stories like this before and tended to write them off. Heartstopper made me reconsider and get into more graphic novellas/novels! Now I’ve got decades’ worth of reading to do!

      Thank you so much for this!!


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