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Tea Party 25 (Q&A: Comedy)

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We’re looking back on some of the funny behind-the-scenes moments and fan-girling over each other’s comedic styles.

1. How would you describe each others’ sense of humor?


A lot of Raspberry’s jokes come in the form of dialogue, whether it’s written or told internally through the narrative. So I think the best way to describe that is based on wordplay? There’s a bit of slapstick in there sometimes, and some situational comedy, but a lot of it is sarcastic and dry through the medium of wordplay. The narratives, especially in first person, like The Halloween Bash are really prime for Raspberry’s type of humor.

Apple’s writing is a lot more situational, I think. But absurdist situational. Like there’s a lot of setup, and we totally buy it, only to be reminded how ridiculous this all is in a punchline. The Gummy Bear Case Study, Part I was a great example of this, but so was The Faery Bargain. In Ocean’s Favor we even get a VERY long buildup only to learn where Gia was supposed to be the whole time.

That being said, in real life, we’re constantly laughing at and with each other. A lot of sarcasm gets thrown around and if one of us gets too tired, things stop making sense. It’s a great time.


I’d say Pineapple and Apple both have such a great sense of humor in their writing. Like it’s so precise and hits you (I’ve snorted on the subway so many times because of these two). I wish I could lolllll 

Apple’s humor is definitely the strongest in narrative voice. Her narrators are always so funny and sassy and witty. It gives me modern Jane Austen vibes sometimes (the witty side comments– I’m OBSESSED). Pineapple is really good at the overall story being humorous. Like the idea of the Scooter? The Roommate? You read it thinking one thing, then the absurdist (absurdist as in “how does she come up with this amazing funny twist/idea? Can she share some brain cells with me?) humor kicks in and kills you! (Or just me lollll)


They’re both funny in so many different ways, especially since they haven’t stuck to one specific genre with their writing, but these are a few of my favorite things they do in their stories.

Pineapple has this “sibling energy” approach to humor that brings me so much joy. Found family is my absolute favorite trope, and she’s fantastic at setting up that close-knit, only-I-can-mess-with-my-sibling(s) silliness, whether they’re actually related or not. She’s also so unpredictable! That combined with the more dark humor moments she does so well make her punchlines seriously hilarious.

Raspberry’s banter scenes are always a win for me. I talk about them every chance I get, and I don’t see myself ever stopping. They’re so much fun! But she also does that thing where a character will be so deep in thought that they don’t notice another character approaching. Gold, I tell you! Gold! Because her characters have such strong, compelling voices, it’s super easy to get sucked into their introspective moments with them as a reader. So, when a character gets surprised after being lost in thought, I am right there with them, extremely amused.

2. What are your favorite funny moments from each others’ stories?


There are some really memorable moments from non-JAAM projects that I’ll keep to myself, but I really do think that Raspberry’s humor is one of her strong points. It’s something I’ve always been envious of when I read her writing–she’s always been great at it. That being said, some of my favorite JAAM funny moments are from Tied to You and The Halloween Bash. We hate weaponized incompetence, but Colin being an idiot is so fun for me. PLUS mopping himself into a corner and just waiting for it to dry? Also him expecting everybody to know who he is and Amy constantly having to deal with his ego and his being an “apparently” famous actor. I just love them and I miss them already.

The Halloween Bash was a lot of fun because I enjoy horror a lot. These two stories came out so smooth from the start and I really enjoyed them. The line that Raspberry used for promo for Episode Two was really good: “She’s just hacked herself a large hole in my door and is trying to fit her designer shoes through.” Like, the reference. The characterization. The precision. It’s so good. Also, “Before I know it, she’ll be taking all the credit for the Bash, and I’ll be the sad poster child for missed opportunities.” Just!! There’s SO many good one liners in this story!!!

Oceans Favor had a lot of really funny moments too, especially in the beginning. Like Pete was such a funny character to me. A useless, harmless guy. He really brought a light into the story that could have otherwise been so heavy, and I appreciate him for that.

But like I said before, The Gummy Bear Case Study, Part I had a great example of Apple’s amazing punchlines that make use of her excellent pacing. My favorite in particular is:

“She’d busted up her ankle once, but it was basically fine now. It only really bothered her when it rained.

Or got cold. Or every other Tuesday.

Luckily, today was Wednesday. “

I literally almost laughed out loud when I read it! The whole tone of this one is so much fun and I adore it.


Apple’s humor really shines in narrative form. I can’t talk about some of my favorite lines from her writing because they aren’t on the site, but some of my favorite from her JAAM stories have to be “(Central Monster Identification, Investigation, and Intelligence Agency—although, the doc would say the intelligence part was debatable).” “ Some people went clubbing after a tough day at work. Some people curled up with books. She liked to leap tall buildings in the middle of the night. To each their own. Live and let live, etcetera, etcetera.” and the quote that Pineapple mentioned, all from Gummy Bear Case Study (ALSO THE HUMOR IN THE WHOLE IDEA OF THIS STORY??? APPLE IS A COMEDIC GENIUS CONFIRMED).

The Pineapple story that will always live rent-free in my mind is the Roommate from her Stream of Consciousness collection. I can’t even pick a favorite quote because the whole story is such perfection!!! (If you haven’t read it, go read it first and then come back before I spoil it. I’ll wait…………) The French chef ghost reveal killed me!!!!! It was definitely one of the times I snorted on the subway. The twist! The narrative! Everything was just so perfect and funny. Her timing was so impeccable!!


If we’re talking about those silly sibling dynamics I mentioned, I have to recommend “The Cost of Living” (in which a guy and his scaredy cat of a bestie are haunted by a scooter—yes, a scooter), “The Roommate” (where a brother picks a haunted apartment on purpose to mess with his sister only to find out after they move in that the ghost is actually real), and How Journeys End (which shows Camellia’s whole unit lovingly dragging each other and simultaneously ready to have each other’s back and which also shows Camellia getting jealous of Tarra for simply breathing air in the same universe as Siana—that scene by the water had me rolling). If we’re talking about the Pineapple Special, dark comedy surprises, Stream of Consciousness Episode Seven is where it’s at. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but if you know, you know.

I’m pretty sure Raspberry’s banter skills are everywhere, in any story of hers you pick up, but Tied to You has the most for sure. Pick a scene, any scene. Colin and Amy have no chill, and I love it so much. Now, if we’re talking about those scenes where a character gets snuck up on while they’re thinking, my go-to favorite is Cat getting caught trying to break into Gran’s room in Cat and the Cryptid Summer. Gran doesn’t even get mad—she just teaches her how to pick locks the right way. Because priorities. I also love that part in The Halloween Bash where Ash is trying to think of a way out of visiting the haunted maze, and Bec shows up to rescue her. Those two are so funny and so cute together! Raspberry is a romcom mastermind, honestly.

3. Any funny stories from behind the scenes?


In the General Helianthus chapter of How Journeys End, the original plot that Chrysan proposed to get the jump on Gladiolus troops during the war was inspired by World War I trenches and the show Peaky Blinders. But I am not a military strategist and know nothing of fighting and war, and Apple affectionately nicknamed it the “whack-a-mole plan” until I ultimately decided on changing it to something more elegant. It still holds a place in our hearts though (RIP)

Other than me clowning Vosseler from Cat and the Cryptid Summer, I have also clowned Ash from The Halloween Bash with nsfw memes about choosing partners with her brain, not anything else, if you know what I mean. I am constantly clowning all of the characters in all of our stories and sending memes about them and I apologize sincerely for my transgressions.


My absolute favorite behind the scenes moments is during one of our video meetings. We were discussing CatCS and the potential second season. Apple was asking about the Fae and who would be the leader now. I joking said “cart boy” and she screamed. Then her video froze mid-scream. Then her call disconnected. Pineapple and I DIED. I’m pretty sure I started crying because I was laughing so hard. I think Apple had flinched so hard she accidentally shut down her laptop? It was gold, and I think I still have the screenshot of her frozen face hahahaha


See, one thing about me is I will fight a fictional character. So when I found out that Pineapple’s character Maria (from the Thanksgiving story we all teamed up to write last year) was in the kitchen cooking while her boyfriend cuddled on the couch with his ex, I showed up to our prep meeting ready to change the story’s genre from fluffy holiday romance to murder mystery. It was about to get white chalk lines and caution tape in that apartment complex real quick, and Raspberry was equally ready to send in her characters (small child included) for vengeance. That’s when Pineapple explained that Maria’s boyfriend isn’t a cheating scumbag, he’s just really bad with social cues. So he got to live another day, but it was definitely a close call.

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  1. My favorite line every week to my daughter is “how do they come up with this?” So amazing, so funny, so unbelievable., so clever, so witty. I could go on all day.


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