A Tea Party filled with an assortment of food, a charcuterie board, jam, bread, sweets, a cake, books, a tea pot, and tea cups, various fruits
Tea Party

Tea Party (Q&A 15: Favorite Beverages)

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1.What is your favorite tea?


These days I’ve been drinking a lot of bubble tea! I really like Okinawa milk tea and passion fruit tea. For hot teas, I like peppermint and black teas with milk and sugar. I tend to go for an English Breakfast or Earl Grey lately if I’m drinking black tea. I have a white/green tea blend with cherry flavoring that I like, and a couple other fruity flavors that I drink occasionally. It depends on what time of day I’m drinking tea and what kind of mood I’m in.


I can’t choose a favorite! I really love chai and black teas when it’s cool outside, and milk teas are my current obsession. Usually it’s Taro or black sugar milk tea with boba.


I don’t think I can pick just one, but I definitely lean more toward herbal and fruit teas. These days my go-to is lemon ginger, but grapefruit has been on my mind too! Those spring allergies have me in a citrus kinda mood.

2. What kind of tea would you be?


I don’t… know? Ha ha. Maybe a white tea with a delicate fruity flavor added to it. Something gentle and sweet. The Lipton white tea with raspberry!


Herbal tea that puts people to sleep! LOL or maybe a green tea because it can be strong and also bitter haha but it’s an acquired taste! Plus it’s great in all seasons (now I want a green tea latte ahhhh)


Maybe peppermint? But with massive amounts of sugar. (I can be a bit enthusiastic.) Peppermint tea with extra sugar is also the main tea my mom has made for me ever since I was little, so I like thinking it’s become a part of who I am.

3. What kind of tea do you think the others would be?


Raspberry would be a black tea for sure. Something like an Assam? Worldly and versatile, but hard working. She’d be the Assam that you use in a milk tea that turns pink when you add the milk. It’s pretty and used a lot. People don’t realize how much they like it because it is the backbone of black teas, but nobody calls it by name. Underappreciated but good nonetheless.

Apple would be some kind of herbal… somewhere between chamomile and ginger. Maybe something like a cinnamon tea? Not as instantly calming as chamomile or as energetic as ginger, but could be dressed up or down to suit your needs! Could be added into a milk and honey to make it nice and soothing, or you could add more spices to get something *exciting*. Very customizable and will match your energy. Also! Christmas and cozy vibes to get in the mood.


Apple is probably a mint tea, maybe peppermint. Because I always turn to her when stressed and need help relaxing. Plus peppermint tea reduces anxiety and fatigue, which is also how I feel when talking to her! Also peppermint anything gives me Christmas vibes, so Apple for sure.

I’d say Pineapple is an oolong tea! Oolong is harder to make, and a strong tea with a bit of floral vibes, so I’m gonna say that’s Pineapple because she’s super unique and romantic (have you read her latest project??) and also the strong one in the group (at least as far as willpower). Plus I feel like Oolong is a bit rare and special, like her!


I think Pineapple would be one of those flowering teas that you put in water and then there’s a gorgeous blossom and slivers of fruit and the tea is so soothing and everything is so pretty! Amazing vibes. Healing for the soul.
Raspberry makes me think of those tea blends that are based on different fandoms!  Super fun, punny names that call back to favorite characters and settings and the best fangirl memories! My silly little references might go unnoticed by most, but Raspberry gets me.

4. What other beverages do you enjoy?


I like colas and coffee as well for my caffeine fix! I also like fruit smoothies and juices. I do try to stay hydrated and drink water a lot, too.


I love coffee! I will admit that I’m more of a vanilla latte/ add milk and flavoring so it’s not too bitter kind of coffee lover though. I appreciate y’all who drink it straight up, but I’m not cut out for that life. It’s also summer, so I’m about to be allll about that milkshake and smoothie life too.


I think I mention my love for hot chocolate during our tea parties more often than I mention my love for tea, so that’s gotta be on the list. I also really like lemonade—especially different types! Any fruit followed by “lemonade” would probably make this list as long as it’s not carbonated.

5. Describe your perfect teacup.


We have a really nice set of Japanese teacups at my house that I use when I’m not using a mug. They’re insulated with a second layer so you won’t burn your fingertips on the cup while drinking hot beverages. These days, I would just really like to sit and bask in the sunlight and quiet of my house as I drink a nice cup of tea out of these cups. Not really doing anything, just sitting without any responsibility and without being tired.


I have a cherry blossom mug I use for my coffee and tea that sparks joy! When I need a relaxing moment, I make a cup of Redbush Vanilla tea and sip it from my cherry blossom mug while zoning out. I’d love to have a cherry blossom tea set one day. 


I have a tea set that used to be my nana’s, and looking at it makes me so happy! She had fantastic taste. I stare at it with heart eyes more than I use it, to be honest.

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